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To book a session please use the following link. The first consultation is free. I would love to the opportunity to serve you!

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Individual Coaching

Individual Training

I will walk you through the principles of radical compassion and Nonviolent Communication. We will devise a customized learning and practice plan which may include exercises such as role play and reflective questioning using worksheets. It is recommended that you join a practice group as well to experience dynamics closer to real-world situations.

Empathic Guidance

Sometimes you need a sounding board during a challenging life or relationship situation or some clarity while navigating a tough dilemma. I will be present, actively listen to you, and reflect the feelings and needs I am sensing. If you are willing and ready, I will brainstorm with you strategies to meet your needs and encourage you to effective action.

Group Sessions

Training Seminars

I offer a course that educates your personal or professional group on the principles of radical compassion and Nonviolent Communication. The time frame can be adapted to the needs and schedule of your group, from a single 90 minute introductory seminar to a 6 week course. As an example, the course can be broken down into these 90 minute sessions:

Convergent Facilitation

I facilitate group sessions aimed at improving communication and collaboration in an organization. We can work on everyday processes or target major decision points that require the buy-in of all relevant parties.

Free Practice Group

Practice compassionate communication on a Zoom call with a group of thoughtful people with interests in various healing systems such as Nonviolent Communication, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, ACIM, Jungian Psychology, and Ho'oponono. Beginners welcome! Every other week, we practice listening for the feelings and needs in another person after they share for 2 minutes. On the alternating week, we talk about an interesting topic while simultaneously taking care to acknowledge our feelings and needs.

Compassionate Conversations Meetup