Connect Harmoniously

Nonviolent Communication training, practice groups, and individual coaching

Life is better when we consider the interests of others with the same care as we do our own. There's a way to frame our perceptions and communicate that facilitates this compassionate and enlivening connection. Borrowing from such work as Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and perennial wisdom from various spiritual traditions, we offer individual coaching, group coaching, training seminars, and practice groups with the aim of fostering cooperative and connecting personal and professional relationships. 

About Nonviolent Communication

NVC is a method and mindset of relating to people that affirms our shared humanity and desire to connect, care, and contribute rather than competing for scarce resources. Practitioners recognize universal human motivations (so-called "needs") towards the good life and try to see others' actions as motivated by these positive values even when their actions ("strategies") tragically miss the mark of fulfilling their or others' needs. NVC encourages us to take responsibility for our feelings, recognizing that they come from our met or unmet needs rather than directly caused by other people. In this way, our expressions and requests are free from blame or guilt and yet still invite others to support us.

Out of this radically compassionate exchange between two people emerges a creative will that transcends the two parties. By being present to both sides' feelings and needs, this emergent force opens up mutually supportive strategies unimaginable from the vantage point of either side alone. Adversarial, win-lose situations give way to win-win.

Free Practice Group

Practice compassionate communication on a Zoom call with a group of thoughtful people with interests in various healing systems such as Nonviolent Communication, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, ACIM, Jungian Psychology, and Ho'oponono. Beginners welcome! Every other week, we practice listening for the feelings and needs in another person after they share for 2 minutes. On the alternating week, we talk about an interesting topic while simultaneously taking care to acknowledge our feelings and needs.

Your Trainer Anthony Chan

A peacemaker and healer, Anthony Chan coaches individuals and hosts Nonviolent Communication practice groups with the mission to cultivate a more compassionate world. Anthony supports individuals of diverse experiences to connect more deeply with themselves and others through an understanding of empathy and universal needs. He brings his intuition, attentiveness, and tranquility to one-on-one and group sessions, ensuring each individual feels heard, seen, and valued. As a survivor himself, he is a sage for those suffering and healing from trauma, including emotional and physical abuse, divorce, bereavement, and more.